Authentic Yoga Life

Authentic Yoga Life, a small locally owned business near Downtown Denton donates to Denton County Friends of the Family, which promotes safety, healing and prevention to those impacted by rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence.

Authentic Yoga life does their yoga based on the teaching of Baron Baptiste power vinyasa (one breath, one movement), where they do yoga practices in heat. This practice is all about possibility in your life and body.


Authentic Yoga life owner Valerie Warren, says that Yoga is about community and coming together and being of service.

“As a yoga community, I do feel like one form of yoga is Karma and that is giving of service,” says Warren.


In December of 2014, Authentic Yoga Life held a toy drive where they adopted 3 families from the Denton County Friends of the Family that each had three children and donated toys and clothes by having people in the community and from their yoga center come together and donate either money, toys or clothes.

“When you’re of service of others, it comes back trifold to the community and to individuals,” says Warren.

With such a giving heart , Warren says she plans to do more community donations and services for the Denton community later this year.


“One thing I’m looking to do is actually go to the shelter and do yoga for people who work at the Denton friends of the family, donate some yoga for them, the women in the shelter and the children in the shelter,” says Warren.


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