Lady of America

Lady of America is a full service fitness center for women, this fitness club donates to multiple places across the Denton area.

April Wright, wellness coordinator says that they have donated to the Cancer society and battered women’s shelter. They also donate boot camps, services, and food can/clothes drives throughout the community yearly.


“We do a lot for the schools around here when they do fun runs we donate our services,” says Wright.

Lady of America is all for helping out the community when natural disasters occur locally, nationally and internationally.


“When Katrina happened we had a few people that were so moved by that we did a huge drive just to get clothes and food and things and I think they were taking them to a Red Cross center that was set up,” says Wright.


Lady of America is also donating money to Nepal, after a major earthquake has killed more than 3,000 people and counting in their country.

Wright says that people normally come in the fitness center and tell them her that they need some fundraising and she is more than willing to help. So if you ever have an event, think about Lady of America for some fundraising help.


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