Title Boxing Club

Title Boxing club is doing more than teaching people how to bob and weave in the boxing ring, they are also teaching their members about giving back to the community.

Title Boxing donates to Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s home, which is a home to children who are without parents at the moment. The club lets the children in the orphanage have an unlimited membership, where they can come in and get a workout whenever they want to.


The fitness club also has a bucket where they give their members an opportunity to donate their used wraps to give to charity.

This club not only cares about women and men health, as well as how to eat properly in order to have a healthy weight, they also care about the community they are in and the well being of others. The way that they are impacting the Denton area is a positive way to lead other businesses, big or small to do what they can to better the community or even the world.


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